Almost There

I love my original blog It was easy to use, helped me connect with countless priceless people via Health Activist’s Writers Month Challenge, and it was free.

Couple things have come up in the last month that got me thinking I should consider changing my blog.

  • I didn’t think very hard about the name of my blog when I created it. It just made sense – I am a mom of 2 Type 1 diabetics. However, I really never refer to my kids as diabetics. I say they HAVE diabetes.
  • Sharing my blog address with people verbally was very difficult. “Mom of ‘the number 2’ ‘the letter t’ ‘the number 1’ ‘the letter s'” It was ridiculous.
  • Lastly – if you have read or followed my momof2t1s in the last month you will know that my middle kiddo (Middles) gave us a big scare when he had numbers in the 200’s (he does not have diabetes). I pray daily that the Endo is wrong and Middles will not eventually develop diabetes but I also didn’t want to continue to add content to momof2t1s when it could have to change to momof3t1s (still leaving me with the two problems listed above)

Thus a new blog was born. I decided this time around I wanted my own URL. Honestly I don’t know why I felt so strongly about having my own URL – maybe I just wanted to buy something since I have been a bit down lately (due to the upcoming move to SF CA). Either way I bought a URL. I actually bought 4 URLs – I only own 2 currently – long story for another post.

This lovely URL Name was suggested by the DOC’s very own Melissa Lee She shared the idea with me after I asked for help on a social network in coming up with a Blog name. Stick With It Sugar is a tag line I created during the Health Activist’s Writers Month Challenge – well technical I wrote it earlier in a tweet to a DOC member having a bad day. It was a wonderful idea and I will be forever thankful to Melissa for suggesting it.

I am not tech savvy in the tiniest bit. The site is still under construction and due lack of understanding of all things technology it may be a bit before it is fully functional. I am still trying to import my posts form momof2t1s as well as my blogroll. Currently I chose a free wordpress template to get started. My URL is hosted on Blue Host (love their technical support BTW – highly recommend them).

Life has settled down a bit for me as we are in limbo between closing on our home in TX and our home in CA. My house is spotless so I find myself bored often but also suffering form writers block (likely another reason I purchased a URL – trying to motivate myself).

Middles is not showing an additional Diabetes symptoms (of course we are still on the no fast acting carbs restriction). He will start a clinical trial with TrialNet when we get to SF CA. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Almost There

    1. It wasn’t the most painful process but not the easiest thing to do either. For you it could be easier since you already use a wordpress template and you can import it to your new URL. I purchased my URL from BlueHost – the URL was free for the first year with my paid hosting agreement which is $4.95 a month for 12 months. To renew each year I will have to pay $13.99 for my URL and can change my hosting agreement to a longer period and reduce my monthly fee. Technical assistance and billing has been fantastic!!! Thanks for the compliment. Now if I could only get past my writers block.


  1. I can’t even remember the original blogspot address of my blog, but I do know it was such a pain in the ass to remember, so I bought Best decision (with very little implications on my life) ever!

    Now I just nned to make it look purdy.


    1. All fixed – you are now on the least viewed blogroll on the net 😉
      I think your blog is pretty – I love green and yellow together and since your “about me” is always viewable on your homepage I read the first line every time I visit – and the “Im not a doctor nor do I play one on TV” makes me giggle no matter how many times I read it.

      I have absolutely no idea what I am doing with all the layout, widgets, plug-ins, etc. I sent an email to someone I found from another dblog about creating a header/logo/button for me. I think much of my messing with my blog lately is because I can’t seem to collect a coherent thought to actually share in a post. It’s like buying exercise equipment and reorganizing it for a week – hoping that touching it will inspire you to use it. Just sayn.

      Thanks for the comments – they are like warm fuzzies for my soul.


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