AUTO REPLY – Christina is temporarily Unavailable

Dear readers of my blog,
In efforts of retaining the little sanity I have left I have been unable to post recently. It is not for a lack of trying. I have 11 (yes double digits) draft posts waiting to be finished. I get about half way through and something comes up or I get all tongue twisted (finger twisted- brain twisted- oh good Lord it is happening again!).

Thought I might provide some bullet points of things I am working on –

  • Our home in Texas was on the market for 5 days and we received and accepted an offer (crazy!)
  • Our home in Cali is under contract and we are waiting for the appraisal – hoping to close in mid July.
  • Middles has not had any more numbers over 200 – he is excited to be starting a Trialnet Clinical Study soon in which he has a 50% chance of taking oral insulin in hopes of delaying or avoiding diabetes.
  • I have two nearly 6 foot tall 4 foot wide billboards of Sweetstuff and Sugarboy that were created and used by the JDRF for the 2012 Hope Ball – I have no idea what I will do with them.
  • The kids and I will attend Camp Bluebonnet all next week – so so so so excited (a day camp for cwd and their siblings in Killeen, TX).
  • I’m bored because I have nothing to clean since my house is spotless (yet I can’t seem to write coherently lately)
  • I am thankful for the DOC on twitter and all my new FB friends that followed me on twitter but then friended me on FB. The DOC, writing my blog, and finding new blogs because of the DOC and twitter has changed my life in countless positive ways. #TRUTH!
  • Saying goodbye to local friends is harder than I ever imagined – final BUNCO party scheduled to celebrate with my closest 42 friends – San Francisco themed “Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair”
  • Booked a trip to SF CA to see the house my hubby has chosen for us – No I have not seen it yet but my realtor assures me that I will love it (he spent over 20 hours with me in a 48 hour period looking at other houses – I trust him)
  • I am going crazy with no good book to read – would love recommendations. (I tried 50 shades and I couldn’t do it – not because of the sex – I love sex – I just found the rest boring – I mean no offense to those who enjoy the series).
  • All medical records have been sent to new doctors in Cali and I have spoken a few times with the CDEs in our new Endo office and they are wonderful. Although I am sad to be leaving a number of the staff at Specially For Children here in Austin – they have set the bar very high for the staff at the Kaiser office.
  • I want to get my kids the new Tandem Diabetes Care pump – unfortunately Kaiser only prescribes Animas and Medtronic. Kaiser also does not do Dexcom for kids. Hurry up FDA and approve Vibe in US and make sure it is approved for kids too! No CGMS makes me sad. T Slim Tandem Pump
Well those are a *few of the things I have started but not finished. I will get to them soon. In the meantime please enjoy some of these great pins from pinterest….
 I know I should have credited someone but honestly I still don’t know how to determine who actually created the stuff on pinterest. Just know I didn’t create any of the pictures I’m sharing.
what a great visual of D symptoms
If only –
I know y’all haven’t seen the snarky side of me –
just know it exists when I am angry – you won’t like me when Im angry.
This is me – ALWAYS
Don’t worry I will not burn down the Golden Gate or Bay Bridges
I really wish I had a unicorn
Or something unicornish

2 thoughts on “AUTO REPLY

  1. Holy cow! You’ve got so much going on, Lady! Congrats on Middles’ study (good luck!) Books? Have you read “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” by Jenny Lawson? Also kinda partial to Jen Lancaster. Both good if you need a laugh!Good luck on the move, and have a great time at camp!


  2. I’ve loved seeing your pictures from this week. And still say you should totally frame the one of you on the zip line – PERFECT shot. I’ve missed talking to you — hope to catch up soon, my friend! Sending virtual ((hugs)) your way. And a high five for how much you’ve gotten accomplished the last couple of weeks!


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