I Hate Cliches

I Hate Cliches

Watching a slow motion train wreck….
That is what everything with my Middles feels like.
Today I took Middles to our endocrinologist. They drew 6 vials of blood to run a full diabetes panel. They also had him do a glucose tolerance test and checked his  A1C. It will be a week before I know all the blood work results.
According to Middles A1C of 4.3 and his glucose tolerance test (109 fasting start, 170 at 1 hour mark, 130 at 2 hour mark) he does not have diabetes.
However – with the half dozen blood sugar results that were 200+ postprandial (that’s 2 hours after a meal) in the 72 hours prior to visit; combined with frequent urination, increased thirst, stomach aches, chest pain, headaches, leg soreness (not associated with physical activity), positive results for all the antibodies associated with Type 1 and the fact that his 2 siblings already have Type 1 – the Endo believes diabetes is coming. It may be a month, a year, ten years – etc. but it is coming.
My hope – to get Middles into a study (there is one in the San Francisco area) that focuses on slowing if not stopping diabetes in people that are at high risk. Maybe I can divert the train.
As for right now – his numbers today and most of yesterday were all within normal range. Even after eating a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut (they are addictive and should come with a surgeon generals warning) his blood sugar never went above 142 (we were running late for soccer and they all begged me – don’t judge).
The Endo instructed me to continue to check his blood sugar 2 hours after meals and get a fasting blood sugar each morning. It made me sad to see him “excited” to have his own meter complete with a new style of lancing device Delica – which I tried and am pleased to say it is way less painful than the older model.
I will continue to discourage High Glycemic Index foods high glycemic index foods (sorry no cupcake for you). Again – I want to say that I am normally a “let them eat cake” kinda Dmom but I want to reduce the chances of blood sugar spikes allowing his pancreas to keep plugging along – no need to add stress to an organ that is clearly having a hard time keeping up. The improved diet will likely improve the D control my other two have as well. I have always believed and advocated that people with type 1 diabetes can eat everything people without diabetes can eat BUT that doesn’t mean any of us should be eating some of the crud we put in our bodies (stay the heck away form my Reese’s – they have protein in them).
Thank you everyone for your support during this crazy time for our family. I truly appreciate all the emails, tweets and comments. Thank you God for allowing me to be wrong this time – even if it’s temporarily wrong – if it is coming please let it wait till after the move, after puberty, after college – is there ever an OK time – doubtful.
For now we keep plugging along – I think we can, I think we can, I think we can…..

6 thoughts on “I Hate Cliches

  1. I thought of you earlier when I was staring down a Reese egg and trying to justify it because of the 2g of protein ;).Because WE can’t do anything to change what is currently happening, I hope that he is able to participate in some studies and perhaps benefit from something to prevent him from getting diabetes, and help other kids and families in a similar place. The unpredictability of it is scary, but you are being proactive and prepared for whatever might come, and this is a Good Thing. It sucks that your kiddos and you have to deal with the constancy of diabetes, but you are doing awesome [pizza and all! Those things are SO good].Hugs to all of you, and know that I’m thinking of you.


  2. Aw man I am sorry you are having to go through the added stress of more testing, on top of everything else you are going through. I wish I lived closer, so I could help you do something! And is it bad that I did the soup nazi when you said “No cupcake for you” LOL (I could “hear” you saying it when I was reading it!!) Hang in there, friend. I’m just a phone call (or for a little while longer, just a 5 hour drive!) away!! 😉


  3. oh my goodness. i cannot even imagine how you must be feeling about all this. know that you are never alone, and that we are here for you, no matter what.and you’re right. you CAN do this!


  4. I’m glad it’s better news than you expected…hopefully the storm will pass indefinitelY! (Tell him he’s still unique. *grin*)I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the study to pan out and be the “save” you’re looking for! *hugs* to you both!


  5. Reading your last few posts I’ve been holding my breath to see what comes next. I can’t even imagine what you’re going though.I was just re-reading some comments via my email and I don’t think I ever answered your comment on one of my posts. Unfortunately, I don’t tweet, although I am a bit of a twit. Hee Hee… See what I did there?Anyway, there is an option to email me if you click on my profile. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and I like your sense of humor. Hoping you get good results for middle.


    1. So sorry I haven’t replied till now – life has gotten so very crazy! I will check out your email. I hope you continue to check my blog – although posting has been hit or miss lately with our big move coming up. My middles is doing well – no new numbers over 200. Getting him into a trial net clinical study where he will have an opportunity to take oral insulin (50 percent chance of placebo). Maybe he will get the real stuff and we can delay or avoid the dxd. Thank you for reading and commenting. I get warm fuzzies each time someone takes the time to comment.


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