House Shopping

Wordless Wednesday

(Well it would be if it was still Wednesday or if it was actually wordless)

I left late Sunday night with a friend to house shop in California. (Yes I took a friend – I needed someone to ask “hey does this house make my ass look big.”) We arrived in San Francisco at midnight where my dear husband picked us up and took us to his corporate housing apartment in Walnut Creek. I was preoccupied with trying to talk my mom through a blood sugar correction back in here in Texas. High stressful and worrisome situation – but she managed it.
Monday morning we (my friend and I) went out house shopping with our realtor. We saw 12? 13? (I can’t friggen remember) houses that day. None of them spoke to me. There was one that we stopped at but couldn’t see. We hadn’t made an appointment and the older gentleman that came out of the backyard when we arrived insisted we schedule an appointment. (Both too bad and good that he didn’t let us see the house – explained later in this wordless Wednesday post.)
Monday evening Amy (that would be the friend I keep referring to)and I took the BART (Bay Area Rail Transit) into San Francisco then jumped on a trolley that took us to pier 39 – a magic place.
My view coming up from the BART into SF
At the Pier Amy and I took in some sites: I didn’t have my camera and my phone was acting weird.
Sea Lions
Fruit on the Pier
Yes we ate at Bubba Gumps – yes I know there are dozens of other fantastic sea food restaurants on the Pier but Forest Gump is my favorite movie (not used for any passwords or password reminders)
View back to the city from Pier – fog rolling in
Tuesday we met up with the Realtor at 10am. I fell in love with the second house we visited. I actually walked in the front door and felt like I was home – something told me I should live in that particular house. We went on to see others but nothing came close – although I did choose a backup. My hubby met us at 7pm (yes 9 hours of house shopping mixed with lunch, a stroll in downtown Danville and pints at a local pub). Hubby liked both of my choices but agreed my first choice was best.
One small wall of the candy shop in downtown Danville – clearly Ill be all set if I need to treat a low
As for the house that we wanted to see the day before but the older man wouldn’t let us – well it was a great house too and if I had seen it the previous day we would have likely stopped looking and I would have put an offer on it. Turns out the older gentleman was the brother of the owner (who we met and I loved her – she was the sweetest person ever and likely didn’t know that her squatting brother had turned us away the day prior.) That house did not make the cut the second day.
Tuesday night Amy and I enjoyed drinks in the hot tub at my husbands apartment. We toasted to finding two great homes and the fact that we had visited 19? 20? houses in 48 hours.
Wednesday morning we boarded the BART to head home – but not before I took a quick shot of the Red Wood that was growing outside my hubby’s apartment – a small one compared to those that I will see in the Red Wood Forest but still so very beautiful.
Late Wednesday night once home I got a call from the realtor explaining that my first choice house has substantial work that would need to be done due to improper drainage and possible mold. I went to bed sad last night.
Today my hubby singed an offer for choice number 2. Keeping fingers crossed that the offer is accepted and I will have a home to move into in August.
The San Francisco area is beautiful and I am very blessed to be moving to such an amazing place.
Still working hard to get my current home in order to go on the market.
My mom did a great job caring for my kids despite crazy (and I mean ubercrazy) blood sugars.
I truly envy the parents of children with diabetes that have family living close to them that are fully trained, able and willing to care for their kids. My mom is able and willing but having only gone solo with diabetes care a few times in 5 years she was nervous and the crazy numbers didn’t help. Still I am grateful that she was willing to come down from WI to stay with my kids.
Cross your fingers for us please that our offer is accepted so I can relax a bit about the move and focus all my attention on getting our current home on the market followed by a timely offer on our current home.

3 thoughts on “House Shopping

  1. I hope your offer is accepted and everything falls into place easily for your move! Kudos to your mom for hanging in their with your kids!! We don’t have family nearby either and the one time my mom has kept Ethan, he got really sick and ended up in DKA. Of course!!


    1. Thanks Julie for your well wishes. Sorry about Ethan – My mom is great with most the diabetes stuff but it has to be for very short periods. 3 nights is about all she could likely handle. If D played well it would be a different story. When the cat is out the mice will play – me being the cat and D being the mice. There should be a diabetes care service that parents of cwd can call – kind of like a house sitter/baby sitter but with the added benefit of understanding all the D crap – bonus if the care service provider cleaned my house too.


  2. Hope all the house stuff works out!I think the story of your mom watching the kids is why it is so amazing that FFL offers a grandparents program. Gives them the knowledge and power to be able to do the same thing any other grandparent can do (sleepovers, etc)


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