Fantasy Diabetes Device

Fantasy Diabetes Device

Diabetes Blog Week Day 4
Today’s prompt – Today let’s tackle an idea inspired by Bennet of Your Diabetes May Vary. Tell us what your Fantasy Diabetes Device would be. The sky is the limit – what would you love to see?

My fantasy device would be something out of a sci-fi movie. The ones in which 3D holographs are used and can be interacted with. It would use the fruit phone of course (thank you Steve for all your innovative products). The device would:

  • act as a CGM monitoring blood sugars with intense accuracy
  • scan food to determine carbohydrate content as well as calories, sugar, fat, and fiber
  • monitor our activity level
  • monitor our hormone levels
  • calculate insulin requirements (based on activity level, food intake, and hormone levels)
  • make suggestions for tweaking basal programs on pumps if in use for maximum control
  • Be interactive so we could make notes and take action with our finger tips (I guess it doesn’t have to be holographic since the iPhone is already touch screen – but it would be so damn cool if it was)

Kids watched an old episode of Gem and the Holograms yesterday – guess it is still on my brain – GEM! I so loved that show.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Diabetes Device

  1. (Gem was awesome! *grin*) And I think you’re onto something…there would be so many health aps that could be built on your prototype…Someone has GOT to invent this!


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