Leg Transplant??

You’re Gonna Give Me Your Leg?

Sweetstuff has had some really cruddy numbers the last few days. Pump is working fine – it’s her brain that is malfunctioning. In the last 72 hours Sweetstuff has forgotten to bolus for a meal 3 times resulting in numbers in the “Hi” range. She forgot twice to put her pump back on after a shower resulting in numbers in the 400’s.

Tonight at bedtime she was 403 – which resulted in a WTH (heck – she was kind enough to use the G rating) comment. (This was one of the times she had forgotten to put her pump back on after a shower 2 hours earlier).

At this point she said “I’m just so overwhelmed lately”

I told her that it is a stressful time for our family with the impending move to a new state. I reminded her that it is the end of the school year and she has had some fairly large projects to work on and also that her big solo at the choir concert is tomorrow. It’s a lot to handle for a 12 year old.

She replied  “If I am making this many mistakes now how will I manage when I move out, go to college, get a job, and have kids?”

I told her about so many of my DOC (diabetes online community) friends that are living well with Diabetes – most have full-time jobs, are parents, successfully navigated college and have no complications.

She replied again “But what if I keep making mistakes – and my leg falls off”

I told her first that everyone forgets things, mistakes can be fixed, that the fact that she cares enough to correct her mistakes means she is doing things right. I also told her that her leg wouldn’t fall off – it would have to be removed. (I said the last part with a sarcastic smile of course) Then I added “and I will always be around.”

To which she replied “You would give me your leg?” (also with a sarcastic smile)

I love my sweetstuff – she will be just fine.
Tomorrow she will sing “A World of My Own” from Alice In Wonderland
She has also decided that from henceforth her pump shall be called Alice

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