Writing With Style

Writing with Style – shoot I’m lucky I’ve kept up writing at all

Day 15 Health Activist Writers Month Challenge

Today’s prompt: Whats your writing style? do words just flow from your mind to your fingertips? do you like handwriting first? Do you plan your posts? Title first or last? Where do you write best?

In less than an hour I need to be on the road to a girl scout even with Sweetstuff. Trying to pull this post out of my sleep deprived mind in less than 10 minutes so I can be in the shower and on the road in a timely manner.

For starters I originally was going to write “pull this post out of my arse” which about covers how nearly all my posts have been written. I had given thought to a few of my posts prior to writing them but my best posts including “My Happy Place” have been off the cuff.

I don’t fancy myself a wordsmith (lots of grammar and spelling mistakes I’m sure – not to mention my limited vocabulary since I stopped buying the word a day calendars), but words do generally just flow from my mind to my fingertips (note I didn’t say they were always good words). Many times my thoughts move more rapidly than my fingers do thus I find that I digress often – sorry.

I never hand write my posts prior to writing them.

LOL -I didn’t finish before going to the theme park so here I am after 8 hours at the park and over 3 hours of driving – trying to squeeze this in before midnight.

Like I was saying – i don’t hand write things first but I do occasionally make notes in my phone about things I want to post about (that list is growing but will wait until I have a free day {laugh} or when the Health Activist Writers Challenge ends.)

Planning posts – again not much of a planner although with the HAWMC I have given some thought to a few of the upcoming prompts – although those thoughts change daily.

Title first or last – I generally title my posts prior to writing (my attempt to keep myself focused) but often tweak the title after the post is complete.

I write best at my own desk and on my own laptop but lately I’ve been compelled to use my daughters laptop since mine is out of commission due to a hideous virus. I have been siting at her desk to do this (her chair bites). I could move either her laptop to my desk or my chair to her desk but I don’t want her to feel like I’m intruding – nor do I want her to get used to MY chair.

As far as my style – well I recently found an amazing blog written by the mother of a child with autism and I honestly couldn’t say it better than she does regarding writing style – it seems our styles are very similar although I wouldn’t go so far as to suggest I write as well as her: “what you see here is what you get. I talk the way I think, and when I can get away with it, I write the way I talk. I’m not a for-better-or-worse sort of woman, I’m a for better AND worse sort of person. I believe in getting through things, not just “over” them. I’ve gone through too much to waste the energy on bullsh*tting anyone, myself included.” Rhiannon Fieri

In the end I’m not sure how, when or where I write matters as much as why I write – which is to keep myself sane.

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