The Struggle

“The Struggle”

Created by CJ Ward Abstract Endeavors
CJ created the piece for the JDRF Hope Ball Silent Auction
The vision was all hers – the artistic avenue she choose to travel was left to her.
She and I did chat about was diabetes means to me and my family.
She delivered the piece to me earlier today so I can deliver it to the JDRF office. It will be hard to let the piece go. I was nearly brought to tears when I opened the door to find my own fear, anger, hope, love and journey staring back at me. When I look at the piece I see the blue for diabetes awareness, and red for the blood my kids shed multiple times each day. I see sadness, anger and fear in the faces that are tangled in the weeds to the left – struggling. I see the birds of hope releasing those struggling to be connected with others fighting the same battle. I see the love. I see the keys that will set us all free and unlock the cure. Like I said I will be sad to relinquish this symbol of hope to the JDRF but I have no doubt it will help raise money that will lead to unlocking the door to the cure.
It is truly a one of a kind original work created with love and given with support.
What do you see in it? – feel free to share in comments.
If you want to share your thoughts with the artist you can do so by visiting the link above for Abstract Endeavors. CJ has made a number of original pieces that she donates to non-profits to help raise awareness and money. A side note – a piece she created for a non-profit in LA that benefits women struggling with addiction was sold to Russell Brand for 7K.
If you love it as much as I do send CJ a note to thank her for her support and talent.

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