Juice in my home is kept in the same cabinet as the test strips, infusion sets, catridges, glucagon, extra batteries and spare meters. Of course a few are always kept in the fridge as well but are relegated to the butter compartment with it’s counterpart insulin. My kids know juice is medicine. Sometimes it urks my Middles (only child w/out D) but I don’t see the point in drinking juice as a beverage when water and milk are better. Juice might claim to have all the nutrients as the actual fruit but why not just eat the dang fruit – I always have a variety available (of fruit). That way you get the fiber too. One time my youngest at age 4 (dxd at age 2) saw his friend pop open a Capri Sun and asked his non-D friend “Are you low?” Doubt my kids will ever see juice as anything other than a life saving nectar that should be consumed in less than 7 seconds.

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