Sugar Brings you Down

Sugar brings you Down

The title of this post is not exactly what you would expect to see on a blog regarding diabetes but for middles (btw my middle son suggested that I actually call him “middles” instead of just “middle” when referring to him. He believes it sounds “cooler”) who does not have diabetes sugar does bring him down. Of course it takes him to a “high” first – that sugar rush that we all know as a burst of energy and giddiness. Unfortunately it has the opposite effect a few hours after the sugar high.

Saturday I took middles to a campground to hang with friends and celebrate one of the friend’s bday. It was a good hour from our home so I did stay and visit with the bday boy’s mom. I left middles to his own devices, playing with water guns, biking, playing football, and hiking – all the fun stuff associated with a campout. However, I should have paid closer attention to how often he visited the cooler. Turns out he drank 3.5 sodas and 4 rice crispy treats somewhat behind my back. I mean he didn’t ask for permission (all the boys were doing it) and didn’t advertise what he was doing. I figured it out a few hours later when he was exhausted, whiny, and very emotional. Had I had a Glucometer with me I would have tested him. Like I said he does not have diabetes but I still worry – (praying that it isn’t true that bad things come in 3s).

His complaints included: headache, fatigue, and tummy ache – not to mention the teary-eyed whininess. I suggested to middles that we call it a day and start heading home. Of course he didn’t agree – fearful he would miss out on some fun activity. So he lied down on a hammock to relax and rest until it was time to open gifts. The excitement of gift opening brought him up and then the boys were off playing with water guns again. All was well until middles took a spill, skinning his knees and causing his emotions to take a severe down turn.

The other boys had consumed nearly as much sugar but didn’t seem to be as poorly effected as middles. This thought plagued me on the long drive home. I had decided to test him when we arrived home but got busy with my other two and cooking dinner. I sit here now wondering what the meter would have said, wishing I would have tested but at the same time not sure I would want to know the answer.

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