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The following is a ‘blogroll’ – basically a list of awesomeness. If its listed here I read it or have read it in the past – some more often than others. Why does it matter if ‘I‘ read it – it doesn’t – but you should. Sadly I’m not very organized so neither is this list – basically type 1 adult blogs (no not THAT kind of adult) are mixed with blogs written by parents of 1 or more kids with diabetes, there are also blogs written by those living with Type 2 or LADA. Basically we are all in this together and so are our blogs. – oh and for good measure I tossed in some other chronically fantastic bloggers that deal with other elephants.

Bloggers I’ve met

Stacey Simms – Diabetes Connections

Brian – Not My Cell 

Katy – Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes

Scott – Scotts Diabetes

Joanne – Death of a Pancreas

Karen – Bitter Sweet

Crystal – The Perfect D

Melissa – Sweetly Voiced

Moria – Despite Diabetes

Heidi – The D-Log Cabin

Richard – Richard’s Rambling Review

Briley – inDependence

Shannon – Neurotic City

Kerri – Sixuntilme

Kim – Texting My Pancreas

Chris – A Consequence of Hypoglycemia

Shannon – No More Shots for Shannon

Bennet – YDMV – Your Diabetes May Very

Meri – Our Diabetic Life

Manny – Ask Manny

Kelley – Sugar’s the Bitch, Not Me

Kelly – Diabetesaliciousness

Mike – DiabetesMine (One of a number of great writers at DM)

Bloggers I’d Like to Meet

Caleb – Type One Trio

Kate – Sweet Success

Laddie – Test Guess & Go

Jenn – Young, Fun and Type 1

Tim – Bleeding Finger

Heather – Sweet To The Soul (you should know Heather is Tim’s ^ better half)

Cassie – KDA Not DKA

Scott – Rolling in the D

Alecia – Surface Fine

George – Ninjabetic

Martin – Diabetically Speaking 

Jess – Me and D

Mike – My Diabetic Heart

S – SmartDPants

Sarah –

Lorraine – This Is Caleb

Leighann – D-Mom Blog

Stacey – The Girl With The Portable Pancreas

Jacquie – Typical Type 1 Diabetic

Cara – Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute

Laurel – Houston We Have a Problem 

Jewels – She Sugar

Denise – My Sweet Bean and her Pod

Lesley – Principles of Uncertainty 

Stephen – Happy Medium

Reyna – Beta Buddies

Non-D Blogs Worth Reading because I love these people and EVERYONE is fighting a battle

Kim – Hope Wispers

Kerri – Kerri On The Prairies (I’ve met Kerri and she is da-bomb.)

6 thoughts on “Better Blogs

  1. As a middle child, I am deeply offended that Middles is stuck with the nickname “middles”. That’s a cop-out, chic. Next you’ll be giving all your christmas elves to Sweetstuff. Jeez


    1. The kids chose their own blog names. I asked Middles if he wanted to change it but he hasn’t decided. I don’t use their names so that they aren’t embarrassed later in life is someone googles them. Sweetstuff will not be getting all the elves. Currently there are only 2 elves. Im guessing the kid that takes me in when Im old and need my diapers changed will get the elves.


    1. You should have seen it now after Meri posted it on FB. I really don’t think I shared my episode on my blog – likely a combination of feeling unworthy and hating the sound of my voice. I didn’t ask why you asked. I hope it is because you too will be on the show and perhaps you wanted to know what not to say. ;P


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