Don’t Sleep Through This

Don’t panic, not a post about a low blood sugar alert. The title might be a bad attempt at a pun, but I admit I wanted your attention.

Occasionally I am asked by companies to review their product and share my thoughts.

About a month ago a cookie company reached out and invited me to try their cookies. Never one to pass up a cookie, of course I agreed.


So without further ado please let me introduce my absolute favorite new treat. A type of cookie that I have often enjoyed, this new brand puts all other brands of this type of cookie to shame.

RipVan Wafels – a European Snack. You might recognize it as a stroopwafel, but like I said earlier, this is so much better than any stroopwafel I’ve ever had.

Image borrowed from RipVan Wafel webpage with permission.

Created by two college roommates in their dorm in 2012 this cookie represents the American dream in the 21st century of two dudes coming up with a better option, working hard to make their dream come true, and bring a superior product to people who value incredible quality and superior nutrition in their snacks.

I highly encourage you to spend some time on the RipVan Wafel , it is quite possibly one of the best websites I’ve seen. Great product information, fun graphics and animation yet simple and efficient, be check out the Mission and The Wafel

The Wafel comes in a number of options.

A Low Sugar & High Fiber option in 5 delicious flavors. The traditional Dutch Caramel & Vanilla are my favorite of the two flavors I sampled, but both were scrumptious. I ordered more in the other flavors and will update after I try all the flavors.

Also available are Rip Van Wafels Refuel options which have 10g of protein in each regular size Wafel with only 2 more grams of sugar than the Low Sugar options, still with 6g of fiber.

The Wafel’s come in individually wrapped regular size, individually wrapped mini size, and sharable 4 serving snack pouches of minis.

No artificial flavors or colors. No artificial sweeteners. Non GMO verified. Sustainably sourced ingredients.

Sadly no gluten free option yet. Sorry.

There are a world of sweet snack options available to us. I love having options that have my tastebuds and health in mind.

Pairs nicely with my tea.

The individually wrapped minis are small, slim, and easily transported to have a quick 5g carb treat on hand for those pesky sneaker moderate lows during a hike, while at work, or while out running errands. Not to be used to treat urgent lows of course, but a good follow-up treat after a fast acting carb.

Right now you can use the Code Stickwithitsugar15 to get 15% off your order, free shipping over $30.

Also, because I love this product so much I will do a drawing for one lucky person to receive an additional $30 of Wafel’s from me personally if you share this post with your family and friends on your facebook page. Drawing will be July Friday July 3 10am PST. Be sure to tag my Facebook page so I know you shared. @Stickwithitsugar

I sincerely hope you will check out RipVan Wafel. I love these stroopwafels and I hope you will too.

Disclosure: I was sent free samples of RipVan Wafels and invited to share my thoughts. I will not receive any additional incentives from RipVan Wafels for sharing my thoughts. My thoughts are my own.

For those visiting my blog for the first time, I am a mom to three children with type 1 diabetes. My kids aren’t so much kids anymore, in fact two of them are legally adults now. All my children were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when they were much younger. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that just happens. People are not born with it, there is no cure, it is not caused by eating too much sugar or carbs. People with type 1 diabetes can eat the same foods others enjoy, but they do need to take insulin shots because their bodies don’t make insulin. All people should strive to eat balanced healthy foods, which can include delicious treats.

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