My Words Are In My Art

Today is Diabetes Art Day. A day to create something, share something, let go of something. This is my submission. It wasn’t planned. It is what came to me as I worked. It is my first ever attempt at painting a face.

My words are in my art. They’re in my head, my heart, my soul. Thankfully so are love, Support, Friends, and HOPE.

14 thoughts on “My Words Are In My Art

  1. That is absolutely FABULOUS! Truly! You should do more art work. And your musings are a wonderful contribution as well.


    1. Thanks Karen. I plan to paint more after we move to WA – Ill actually have space to do it in our new home vs. taking over the kitchen table in our current home. It was fun to do and since I still had all my paint out I painted a rose for the Spare A Rose, Save a Child campaign – hope you’ll check that out. Not sure which was more difficult the face or the rose. Seems so simple in my head.


  2. Wow, that’s the FIRST face you’ve made?!?! It’s great! Very powerful and love the color and words you have in there. Nicely done, Tina, and thanks for making and sharing this.


  3. woah. i really relate to how you’ve portrayed yourself here. i find it to be very similar to the piece i made this year as well, in some of the face/word/swirly elements.

    thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Holy crap Shannon – comment much. FYI – I love you. nothing makes my day brighter than emails saying I have a comment to moderate. Well Reese’s make my day brighter but comments are a close second. I haven’t checked out the gallery yet so I haven’t seen everyones art yet. I don’t think the gallery always says who it is from. I also haven’t been reading as many blogs as I normally due because of preparing for the move. Thus if you posted yours on your blog I haven’t seen it yet.
      I am my worst critic and there are things I wish I had done differently in my art but alas it is what I felt at the time and that is what counts.


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