Supportive Friends & Stupid People (Guest Post)

My dear daughter shared a story with me. It was a good story so I asked her if she would like to share it with the community via guest post. I was surprised when she said yes because honestly lately she hasn’t wanted to talk much about diabetes. That being said she is in the middle of a list of pros and cons regarding her new TSlim pump.

Without further delay – here is her story, written for you by Sweetstuff.

So today in environmental/marine biology two of my very close friends and I were just doing our ocean poster. (Which I have to say I drew a very nice sea turtle on.)

turtlephoto And everyone is talking, and then over it all I hear across the room another student say, “what the hell?! You want me to get diabetes or something?!” And of course both my friends looked up at me like, ohhhhhh shit.

My teacher, Mrs. S, looked at me also and was like “wait until after class” because after 2 years of having me in class she understands I’m gonna educate this guy.

So when class ends he’s sitting in his seat (just so happens he has science with Mrs. S after EMS) Luna and I walk up to him and I start educating him on the difference between type 1 and type 2. (changed my friend’s name for interwebz – she’s a huge Harry Potter fan too)

Me- “ok first of all there is a huge difference between type 1 and 2.” (He’s sitting there all nonchalance) “Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks itself.”

And guess what he said… “No you get diabetes from eating too much sugar.”

Yes, he argued with me.

Then Luna, who was still standing with me, threw in, “dumbass! She has type 1 diabetes, I think she would know!”

And guess what he said… guess… “No she doesn’t.”

Yep. He tried to tell me that I didn’t have diabetes. Oops they must have made a mistake at the hospital. -__- No.

Then Luna pulled my sweater aside to expose my pump. “Dude! You see this, it’s a medical device!” and then he came back with “No it’s not! It’s an iPod, what do you think I’m stupid?!”

Yes, I do think your stupid. (Hence the title).

Then he said, “Wait are you being serious?” no shit Sherlock.

I couldn’t handle myself anymore so I walked away to go to my next class. But apparently my lovely Luna stayed behind to talk with him cus then later in the day he came up to me and apologized. “Hey I’m really sorry for what I was saying. I completely understand now and I’m sorry.”

The world will never know what Luna said, but I’m sure glad that I have her as a good friend of mine. I don’t know what I would do at school without my amazing and supportive friends.

I could do without the stupid people though.

So yea, My daughter (although currently is a total pain in my backside) is amazing and I love her very much.  BTW – she asked me if she should include the cuss words she used and my reply was “my readers would expect nothing less from a daughter of mine”.

Parenting win.

17 thoughts on “Supportive Friends & Stupid People (Guest Post)

  1. You are an amazing young woman and I am proud to be able to have been lucky enough to have “met” you through this blog and your Mom’s other posts.
    It takes a lot of courage to stand up for yourself and others. It takes even more patients to try to educate others and correct some of the misconceptions and outright stupidity in this world.
    You did a GREAT job of both! And your friend Luna deserves a huge hug for being just as awesome as you are.
    Thanks for sharing this with us. (And you were right…great sea turtle!)


    1. Daughter says Thanks Chris. She also asked me if ever mailed you your book. Obviously I have not. What book you ask – well you will find out when I mail it. I promise not to leave CA without mailing. Daughter knows about it because she wanted it but since it is addressed to you and signed by author she agreed I should send it to you. Soon I promise.


  2. Way to go Sweetstuff! To be able to educate stupid people takes a lot of hard work, but to have friends who are also knowledgeable enough to do the same is a WONDERFUL gift. Enjoy this 🙂


    1. My daughter has the best friends. I admit I wasn’t super keen on her first group of friends she found when we moved here. Preppy types all consumed with appearances and boys and drama. Didn’t take my daughter long to figure out life is too short for all of that and find real people to hang with. Man I wish I could pack them all up and take them with. Amazing kids and parents – feeling so very blessed with them in our lives.


  3. Apparently I missed this one–way to go, Sweetstuff!

    I’m happy you chose to write about this–a month and a half ago I had a similar conversation(/argument) with a guy in one of my classes, too, but just about how type 2 diabetes “works”–I’m happy that you have good friends to help back you up and help this dude learn! The guy in my class, I think, probably didn’t believe me and is still going around misinformed.

    One person at a time, eh? Hopefully soon we can stop having this conversation at ALL–for one good reason or another :]. Until then (and beyond!), keep being awesome!


    1. daughter says “aww” she agrees that one day the conversation will end hopefully because there will be no diabetes but also because the media stops dumbing down things.


  4. Hey Sweetstuff and Tina,

    I actually had the opposite situation happen somewhat recently. I don’t have diabetes myself, but I have learned a lot about it from you guys. Since I have become “unstupified” (tho I beg to differ – it’s really uneducated, not stupid), I’ve noticed how little the public knows about diabetes. Anyway, cue opposite situation. I was hanging out with friends and one guy (who is generally known to say outlandish un-PC things, mostly – I think – to see how people react) was trying to make a point (which I don’t remember anymore) and he said “It’s kind of like diabetes.” (I wish I remember what point he was actually trying to make that this was a metaphor for.) Of course now that I am somewhat knowledgeable, I looked up and anticipated him saying something completely wrong. Then he started talking about his coworker’s 6 year old son with T1D and how said kid can eat anything he wants but he has to count carbs and dose insulin properly and make sure he’s at safe levels, etc etc etc. And how at certain times when the kid is high, he would be better not to eat that thing, but that doesn’t mean he can’t eat it at all. And that overall this kid is generally healthy and plays some sport that I don’t remember. I was impressed. And I’m guessing that my friend wouldn’t have known this had he not met the kid a few times and spent time with the dad. So yes, definitely, every bit of advocacy/education adds up. And apparently gets passed on. So yay!


    1. Dear Ms. Elisheva, Thank you for telling me this. Its good to know people can be taught. I try not to get mad because I know its a confusing thing. It still hurts when someone says uneducated things. I also agree it is more uneducated than stupid but the title worked better with the word stupid. ;P
      My mom loves you. She also just told me you are getting married. YEA. I think she is hoping you will have two weddings – one there and one here in USA cus maybe she would get to meet you. Well I don’t think. I know because she told me but Im not sure Im supposed to tell you.


  5. HUGE PARENTING WIN! also HUGE KID WIN and HUGE FRIEND WIN. i can so see my 14 yo daughter with diabetes do the same thing, swearing and all! also she would pick a sweet hp name like luna as an alias. all in all, AWESOMETOWN, POPULATION: YOU GUYS


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