The Jacuzzi Bubble Bath Lesson

Yesterday I received my very own copy of Emotional Eating With Diabetes by Ginger Vieira. It was a long day and I felt as though I deserved a bath. Our home here in CA came with a jacuzzi tub and I have enjoyed it more than once. I had been using Bath and Body Works message oils in the tub. They are part of the Stress Relief line and left my skin soft and my mind clear, unfortunately I was out. Without considering the ramifications of using a bubble producing product in a bathtub with jets I poured in some bubble bath.

As I filled the tub there were a decent amount of bubbles and soft vanilla scent. When the water level was above the jets I turned on the jacuzzi motor and slid into a hot cozy bath with Emotional Eating with Diabetes in hand.

I wasn’t paying much attention to the bubble level as I was engrossed with Ginger’s excellent writing. However when bubbles began to reach the bottom pages of my book I was forced to take note.

I set my book aside and realized I may have learned the hard way not to use bubble producing products in a jacuzzi bath. By this time bubbles were going over the side of the tub. I pulled the drain and stood up covered in a thick lather of bubbles. Hopping from the tub I turned off the jets.

I thought maybe I could still enjoy a bath but what to do with all the bubbles? The tub water was gone but the tub was still FULL of bubbles. Thus I began to scoop. I filled both sinks with bubbles and then the entire floor of my shower 8 inches deep with bubbles – there were still more bubbles.

I swear it was like something out of an “I Love Lucy” episode. By the way I did all the scooping naked since there were no towels in the closet (censored in my crayon drawings of course). I didn’t get to take another bath. I was exhausted from washing mountains of bubbles down the sinks and wiping up massive amounts of bubbles from the carpeted floor. There were still bubbles in the shower this morning. Hoping Santa will take pity on me and fill my stocking with bottles of massage oils this year.

PS – I cannot draw well – I cannot draw on a computer at all. I did these embarrassing (both for the situation depicted and the lack of artistic ability) drawings in about 2 minutes while waiting for my soup to heat in microwave. I hope to learn to draw on the computer in 2013.

PSS – Not everything in life is about diabetes (ok I was reading a book about emotional eating and diabetes) – but it could have been any book.


15 thoughts on “The Jacuzzi Bubble Bath Lesson

  1. Oh Christina, I love this post so much. And you. And that you shared this with us :].

    And, I love the crayon drawings. I think the awesome Lee Ann Thill would be proud. :]


  2. I for one loved your pictures!
    And I’m sorry, but I couldn’t quit laughing! And here I thought I was the only one this accident prone. Man, I would so LOVE to be your neighbor! We could level the block in laughter! *hugs*


    1. oh what fun we would have as neighbors. A “funny” part I didn’t share – Chad came up after I came out of the bathroom and said “why do you look so stressed you just took a bath?” I was almost a widow.


  3. When I saw your photo I had to chuckle. That happened once when I was running a bath for Hannah. She wanted her baths like that all the time after that. Love the drawings:)


    1. Of course the kids want baths like that. It was such a huge mess of bubbles – I don’t know that my drawings really did it justice. I swear they kept growing after the water and jets were off. I laugh now but I wasn’t entirely laughing then. 😉


  4. Don’t say you can’t draw well! Your pictures are absolutely awesome! (Suggestion: send the kids in there to scoop up and pop all the bubbles — they’ll have fun, and maybe burn off come carbs too!)


    1. lol – the kids would have enjoyed the bubbles although it could have turned into a “If you give a mouse a cookie” event – (kids picture book – give mouse cookie he will want milk, give him milk he will need a napkin, etc etc etc). They would likely try to repeat the event at a later date and claim ignorance. Its best they don’t know. 😉


  5. I can totally picture this. I did this for my great-nieces one time. They LOVED the bubbles. One problem (fair warning)… the next 4-5 baths I took after that had bubbles. It was also shortly afterwards that my husband tiled our bathroom. Maybe I should have a bubble explosion in the kitchen…. hmm…..


    1. THanks Jenn – Im gonna take a bath tonight – I sure hope I don’t have to deal with residual bubbles. I just need to relax with my book – downloaded Les Miserables on kindle and I am so looking forward to it.


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